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Young Investors Program

We are known for professional wealth management with integrity and caring, and we have launched a Young Investors Program for the younger population in Tallahassee.

Inspired by a clients young son who was excited about his first account, we created a Young Investors Program designed to educate and motivate both parents and children. The Young Investors Program brings professional wealth management with integrity and caring to the forefront for families.

Financial habits, good or bad, are generally learned at an early age. We wanted to combine financial education and fun into a program for the young members of our community. As students go back to school and back to their routine it is a great time for parents to begin to incorporate financial lessons into their kids daily habits.

Our Young Investors will receive a certificate when they open their first account. As they save the money for their first account they will be encouraged by Bella, the fun-loving but financially responsible mascot of the Young Investors Program. Bella will be there every step of the way for the Young Investors by sharing tips on our Facebook page, sending a monthly postcard to the Young Investors and by attending community events.


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